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  • A fully immersive and involving way of learning with a combination of independent learning and tasks to complete as well as guided learning and tailored support with our specialist tutors. A way that allows you to get the most out of learning and enjoy it. A Study Streak.

  • Many students today struggle with the challenging nature of GCSE and A level syllabuses that they are taught at school as well as the demanding quantity of content they are required to learn, this is where we come in. Our courses are structured in a succinct and methodical form that allows students to efficiently and effectively master their subject without running out of time before their exams. This avoids all of the immense pressure and cramming that many students face. Our programmes offer all of the necessary material required to achieve an A/A* grade in a given subject.

  • We offer a vast array of subjects; these include the key UK school curriculum subjects: Maths, Economics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We also offer numerous professional & industry specific skills such as: Web development, Coding, Game creation, Film making (ideal for those interested in becoming Youtubers).

  • The simple answer is why not? But to be more insightful, the foundation upon which our company is built on is on providing ‘everything educational’; this allows each and every individual to learn and excel in the area that interests them.

  • We offer all of the most popular UK exam boards such as: Edexcel, AQA and OCR. We also cater to other niche exam boards such as WJEC and IGCSE.

  • You can use credit or debit card – we accept both. We are also Paypal integrated to make the process as easy as possible.

Our Online Courses

  • Quite simple: everything you need is in one place; no time wasted searching for answers, no confusion, no unnecessary costs – just a straightforward and exceptional way of learning and achieving exam success or mastering your chosen discipline.

  • The different plans allow us to make our study programmes as flexible and tailored to your needs as possible, ensuring that each and every student is able to suit the plan that’s right for them.

  • When you sign up to one of our programmes, you will be provided with a unique login to our advanced Learning Management System (LMS), where all of your course content and resources will be available to use at your freedom.

    In terms of the structure of our courses, each academic subject is broken down into sections as in line the exam board specification, within each section there are comprehensive written, narrated and animated presentations on each chapter with assessed practice questions at the end of each chapter. Similarly, each professional subject is broken into a logical and sequential manager, as dictated by our course experts.

    In order to move on to the next chapter, students are required to reach a certain mark in the quiz. At the end of each section there will be exam-style exercises, which focus on developing exam technique as well as recapping and reviewing all content learnt in that section. This task will be submitted and feedback provided. In addition to this our programmes come with a vast array of other essential resources which make the experience for students both easier and more enjoyable.

  • We believe that our courses really are that good, and as a testament to that we are willing to guarantee any student who completes the tasks, and meets our requirements, a high level of success. With our guided and tailored plans we ensure that students stay on track and are mentored and assisted through any issues they may face. For more information on “our guarantee”, click here.

  • Yes! We’ve aimed to make our courses as accessible as possible so we offer many different types of discount.

    Firstly, we offer a multi-course discount. This means that, after you purchase one course, the subsequent courses can be purchased at a lower price. There’s no limit to the number of courses you can purchase – as long as you maintain the same level of dedication for each course you can learn anything. For more information on our multi-buy discounts, click here.

    We also love referrals! For every friend you refer to join Study Streak, you will get a week free. This is a great way to help both yourself and your friends.

    Finally, we offer income-based scholarships. As long as you are a member of a partner school or organisation, and you meet our remaining criteria, you will be eligible for a scholarship.

  • Our courses closely follow the exam board/qualification specification for each subject. Courses are divided into multiple sections as prescribed in the specification with each section containing the same chapters and names as in the exam specification. This makes it easy and efficient for students to follow and avoids them wasting time on any content that will not be in their exam. 

  • As per our subscription option, courses are designed to be completed comfortably within 5 months, however if buying the course up front it can be completed in as little as 2 months.

  • Once you purchase a course, we expect you to take the course seriously and ask that you do not take your success from it for granted. We have guidelines outlining what we expect of our students. This includes completing all quizzes and assignments in due course, responding to feedback and respecting our tutors. For more information on our expectations, click here.

  • Progress is measured through quizzes at the end of each chapter, practise questions/essays at the end of each section and practise exam papers. 

  • You can. We want our courses to help as many people as possible, and getting our courses to your school is the easiest way to do so. All students of partnered schools and organisations are entitled to receive our courses at a discount. For more information on how to get your school partnered with us, click here.

  • All you have to do is decide which course you’d like to study and sign up. You can sign up and view courses here.

  • Simple – we want to help as many people succeed as we possibly can. If you paid for as many hours of one-to-one tuition as we have spent producing a Study Streak course, you would be looking at spending thousands if not hundreds of thousands of pounds. Instead, we only want you to spend a few hundreds. We’ve managed to create a solution that has the conciseness of a textbook, the interactivity of private tuition and the progress/feedback of a classroom course.

    We have many different pricing plans and discounts that allow us to help every student achieve what they need in the way that suits them best.

  • Because you have everything you could possibly need in one place. By purchasing this package you’ll have the following, but at a fraction of the price:

    • Interactive video lessons
    • High quality voice narrations
    • Detailed lecture/revision notes
    • Quizzes
    • Online email and video support
    • A fully dedicated tutor to guide you the whole way through your exams

    This is the ultimate all-in-one solution.

  • If you purchase one of our “comprehensive courses”, meet our requirements, but do not achieve an A/A* grade, you’ll be entitled to a refund.

    As long as you’ve held up your end of the deal, all you’ll have to do is send over your official exam certificate and we’ll refund you in full immediately.

Other Questions

  • Our crash courses are held at a number of Central London locations. These include top London universities with first-class facilities as well as a number of other premium locations. The location for each specific crash course can be found here.

  • Our crash courses are single day 8 hour long intensive courses. They will be presented by top teacher and past examiners which will go through a combination of; all key exam content, exam technique, past exam paper questions and predicted topics and questions for the upcoming exams.

  • Of course. We’re always looking for world-class subject experts, marketers and creatives to help us make our courses as close to perfection as possible. If you’re interested to hear more about what we do, or where you can fit in, please fill out our form or contact us at directly at [email protected].

  • At Study Streak, we have strict requirements about the quality of our work. We only employ highly qualified teacher, tutors and industry experts to help us provide our services. After employment, each course goes through a strict vetting – whereby, the courses are checked and reviewed by expert moderators before they are then under go a real world test,  if the course cannot be fully understood by individuals unfamiliar with the topic, the course is not at an acceptable level.

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